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Category: Holidays
06-09-2014 18:36, by: Steven | 0 comment(s)
This is the first part of our three-part holiday report. Our summer holiday was spent in Berlin (DE), Bad Sachsa (DE), and Delden (NL). [read more...]
Category: General
06-07-2014 16:10, by: Steven | 0 comment(s)

We've recently bought the house in Sandvatn and so we are working hard on getting the house look nice, protect us from the weather and so on. We won't be living in it for a while, as I (Steven) has to find a job nearby first. The distance to my current job in Sandnes is a little too large for living in our house. [read more...]
Category: General
15-05-2014 03:55, by: Steven | 0 comment(s)

The new cruiseboat season has started. The first visiting boat that I spotted, was from Aida and came on the 24th of april. They are expecting 160 cruiseboat visits this year.

[read more...]
Category: Video
09-05-2014 00:02, by: Steven | 0 comment(s)

On the topic of digital devices, digital media, mobile phones and all other forms that we make daily use of nowadays, whether you are a grown (wo)man or a child. [read more...]
Category: General
09-03-2014 21:01, by: Steven | 0 comment(s)

Also this year, spring has come back in the air. I must say that this depends on where you are in Norway. While we haven't seen any snow since November in Sandnes, do the mountains have (which includes our family in Setesdal) a good 2-3 meters of snow. [read more...]
Category: General
11-02-2014 04:57, by: Steven | 0 comment(s)
Friends and family alike have wondered why we aren't writing any blogs anymore. Here's a blog about that.  [read more...]
Category: Events
30-10-2013 21:25, by: Steven | 1 comment(s)

They have been talking about this for several years. What if we would place a mirror on the mountain to get a little bit more sun down in the center of Rjukan. This week it has finally been executed. [read more...]
Category: Holidays
07-10-2013 04:00, by: Steven | 0 comment(s)
This is the second part of our report of our holiday on the boat Gracie with our dear family in the UK. [read more...]
Category: Holidays
07-10-2013 03:30, by: Steven | 0 comment(s)

Last week we've been in the UK for a SPA-like holiday treatment by our family on a boat called Gracie. [read more...]
Category: Holidays
06-10-2013 03:30, by: Steven | 0 comment(s)
On this last part of our report of the holiday in Cyprus, Wednesday to Friday (and a little of Saturday early morning). [read more...]
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